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     “Beams” is an e-book currently being written for the millions of people who see unemployment as the number one problem facing educated and experienced people in our society.  It is designed for intelligent life forms of the human kind who realize that  the growing unemployment problem is being neglected by our government and the mass media - both who prefer to focus on items of far less urgency.

     “Beams” is a novel idea, a work-in-progress being written for those of us concerned that unemployment could become the key reason for the downfall of society, if we don’t do anything about it soon.

     “Beams” uses impartial observers to investigate this plight of humanity:  An extraterrestrial researcher, a time traveler, and an alter ego from an alternate universe.  Each of these interlopers will make you think about our economic situation in ways you never would have dreamed.  You will find it a most elevating experience.

     “Beams” may take you where no one has gone before.  It may provoke some serious questions:  Why isn’t anyone and everyone doing something about unemployment?  Why can’t the media devote more time to the waste of human resources?  Why doesn’t government do anything about a problem which, if it continues, could spell the end of human civilization as we have known it? 

     Most of all, “Beams” will draw your attention to the one truth about unemployment that has been out there for some time.  The self-evident truth is that we the people who are underemployed, are not alone.  There are others like us out there.  We also know that our return to the workforce will provide a solution to our society's economic woes.  We need to be working again.

     Please let me know if you have any ideas to make this book better.  I am interested in knowing what you think, in your capacity as an an intelligent human being.   I am sure that you do, and therefore, you are.

     BEAMS is Copyright © 2013 by Moshe Briel, all rights reserved including your rights guaranteed by the constitution to provide feedback to the Comments Section.  Please let others know about BEAMS, but remember:  Reader discretion is advised. 

     Any resemblance between the characters and persons living or dead is an unfortunate happenstance.  The story you have seen may be true; the names have been changed to protect the innocent.  All readers have the right to remain silent about this work, but the author does remind urge the reader to give feedback and that that nothing can be used against them in the court of law as per their first amendment rights.  Politicians have the right to remain silent, in particular, especially when delivering a filibuster. In the public mind’s eye, they are presumed guilty until proven innocent in a court of the media.  If you are a politician, please accept the author’s apologies, as this novel is intended to be an apologue (ἀπόλογος,), intended as an allegorical story.  If the author has offended anyone with this apologue, please accept his apologies.

     No trees, animals, earthlings or aliens were harmed, poked or prodded in the production of this novel.  Side effects have been known to include dizziness, nausea, headache, or other common affliction.  If boredom persists, please discontinue use and contact the author, so that he may know where your bookmark gets stuck and the clog will be removed for future readers to enable a clear path from beginning to end...  Opinions expressed by any of the characters are not necessarily those of the author.  On the other hand, opinions of the reader are assumed those of the reader, and are most welcome.


      Moshe Briel